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9/20/2022 - 4th Pohaku Memorial Anniversary Of Aunty Mabel

September 19th marked the 4th Anniversary of the second street pohaku (stone) memorial that recognizes Aunty Mabel's dedication, kokua and many other expressions of aloha that she brought or shared with the early resident settlers of the Waikoloa Village Community. As in years past, due to COVID, no formal display of appreciation was scheduled this year.

9/1/2021 - 18th Anniversary Of Aunty Mabel

September 6th marks the 18th Anniversary of Aunty Mabel's passing. No formal gathering is planned due to the COVID19 pandemic. However, family, friends, and residents of Waikoloa Village and elsewhere will reflect upon her memory and contributions to Waikoloa. Her mana is embodied at the pohaku memorial located at the entrance of Meipala Place on the corner of Kilakila Street in Waikoloa Village.

The memorial was dedicated on August 19, 2018.

7/1/2021 - New Owners Of Memorial Property Respond

The new owners of the property where Aunty's memorial is located have reached out to Aunty's ohana. In a letter to the family, they welcomed a get together after the COVID19 pandemic is mitigated.

In an email received in June, owners Judy and Scott Gaston wrote "We are honored to have her memorial on our corner and only wish we could have met her." We, too, are honored that the Gastons have chosen to have the memorial remain on their property and look forward to our talkstory. We are blessed to receive their aloha and gracious invitation to meet in the future.

10/31/2020 - Reflections From The Waikoloa Breeze 2018 Newsletter

We have made available an excerpt from the Waikoloa Breeze Newsletter that was published in October 2018 about Aunty Mabel.


8/20/2019 - Meipala Place Cul-de-sac Remembers Aunty Mabel

Throughout the weekend of August 17 friends, family, and others dropped by the First Lady of Wakoloa Memorial in Waikoloa Village to place lei to mark the first anniversary of the Memorial. Installation of the Memorial occurred last year on August 19 and drew members from the community, State and County officials, and island-wide residents and visitors.

Comments About Memorial

A resident recently wrote: "I was down at the bottom of Sunset Ridge and found the rock on the corner in memory of Auntie Mabel!  ...I pulled over to read the plaque.  Moving and caring!" 



The October issue of the Waikoloa Breeze newsletter has an article on the dedication of Aunty Mabel.


8/19/2018 - Family, friends, and residents of Waikoloa Village came together to honor Aunty Mabel Ishii on August 19. She was a legendary figure in the early days of the Waikoloa Village Association's development and evolution.

Special guest speaker, Valerie T. Poindexter, Council Member Chairwoman and Presiding Officer of the 2016-2018 Hawai'i County Council, shared poignant comments and touching recollections of Aunty Mabel's character and legacy, as some held back tears. Poindexter went on to say how--up to Aunty's death--she instilled the values of aloha and service to the community to all of her children and grand children.

Hawai'i County Council Member Tim Richards issued a Hawai`i County Letter of Recognition that stated "Aunty Mabel was the center of the community... She was the epitome of Aloha!"

On behalf of the Hawai`i's Twenty-Ninth Legislature, Hawaii State Senator Lorraine Inouye pointed to Aunty Mabel's "strong commitment to community" and "whose work has improved our quality of life." The Senator referred to Aunty's spirit of aloha as "legendary."

Kate "Kealani" Winter gave the pule.

"O ke aloha ke kuleana o ahi malihini. (Aloha is the host in strange lands.)

Sometimes places choose people, but Aunty Mabel, or Meipala, chose this place because she wanted to see the other side of our island.

Once here, she embodied what was good and best in the place and its people.

With her heart, hands and hugs, Aunty Mabel created a nest of belonging for every malihini she encountered.

The closest any of us can come to forever is neither bone nor stone: it is Aloha that is everlasting.

Aunty Mabel lived this truth.

Her spirit animates the wide-embracing clouds of this wahi pana, her spirit uses the breath of wind and spreads the mana among all who dwell here, makani carries her message of acceptance, inclusion and welcome.

Now let us offer thanksgiving...

For Likeke and Roger, brothers who share Meipala's loving ways, to her children and all her extended ohana, and Roger Hansen who recognized her spirit.

We give our aloha.

For the gifts of Kim and Scott who offered this place as wahi pana,

We give our aloha.

We commit ourselves to mindful use of creation and community,

We give our aloha.

We bless this memorial place, this wahi pana.

We give our aloha.

May all who pass it know her mana and be inspired to recognize kindredspirits in those we newly meet,

We offer our aloha.

O ke aloha ke kuleana o ahi malihini. (Aloha is the host in strange lands.)

Special thanks to all who attended, helped organize, and participated in honoring the First Lady of Waikoloa, Aunty Mabel Ishii. More information and stories about Aunty Mabel may be found here.

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