Non-Technical Book Illustrations

As examples of different styles, I am showing illustrations from two different non-archeaological books. The first set shows pages from a book first published in 2008 that was written by the well known Native American Flute player, story-teller, and all-around musician, John De Boer. Each of his songs "tells a story" which he relates in his book "The Storyteller's Flute", a companion to his CD's. I did all of the illustrations for that book. The black and white drawings for that book were done in pen and ink. The colored drawing for cover was done in Corel's "Painter".

Book cover
Cover Illustration
Eagle and Flag
For the song "Amazing Grace - Taps"
For the song "Spirit of the Bear"
For the song "Honoring Song"
Child w Dreamcatcher
For the song "Dreamcatcher"

All of the above illustrations © 2008 by Susan K. Nelson

These illustrations are from a children's educational book that I (and the author) am still working on. The purpose will be be to teach children about the habits and calls of various birds in the United State.
The overall setting
King Rail
King Rail
Great Horned Owl
Great Horned owl

All of the illustrations in this section © 2011 by Susan K. Nelson

Susan K. Nelson has a Master of Arts degree in Archaeology Education from the McGregor School at Antioch University,
and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Drake University.

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