Archaeology Education Papers and Presentations with emphasis on Ohio

This page contains presentations given to various archaeology organizations such as the Society for Americaan Archaeology (SAA), the Ohio Prairie Association, etc. It also contains my master's thesis discussing integrating archaeology education into the 2004 revised Ohio social studies curriculum standards from an interdisciplinary viewpoint.

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Hands-on Prarie Experience

This presentation was made to the 2004 SAA convention in Salt Lake City as part of the Learning in Place: Teaching in Replicated Structures symposium.
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Math-based Prairie Programs

This presentation was made in 2006 to the Ohio Prairie Association. The program itself at SunWatch Indian Village was developed under a grant from the Ohio Environmental Education Fund (OEEF).
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Book Chapter on Bone Tools

During the excavation of the SunWatch Indian Village site, I illustrated the Book "A History of 17 Years of Excavation and Reconstruction - A Chronicle of 12th Century Human Values and Built Environment". I also wrote the Chapter on Bone Tools. That book chapter is given here.
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Archaeology and Ohio Curriculum Standards

In 2004 the State of Ohio mandated, but did not fund, new Social Studies curriculum standards relating to Ohio prehistory and the teaching of the history of Ohio's prehistoric groups. My master's thesis discussed ways to approach these new standards integrating them in an interdisciplinary approach for grades K - 12.
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Susan K. Nelson has a Master of Arts degree in Archaeology Education from the McGregor School at Antioch University.

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