The informational sign currently located on the heiau was relocated from the top of the heiau to the Paulehia Street level. The move provides better access to information about the heiau, its historic nature, and cultural significance. When fully installed, the sign will include a chronology of events relative to the heiau's beginings and eventually include a QR Code so visitors can scan the code with their smart devices to access additional information, or how to contact the Hui with questions or comments.


Surgeons' Hall Museums in Edinburgh repatriated an iwi po'o (ancestral Hawaiian skull) to a Hawaiian delegation. The Museum was approached in 2020 by OHA to discuss an item recorded in the museum catalogue which was donated by Sir John Struthers (1823-1899) in 1896.


4-17-2022 - MAPPING OF HEIAU

Ho`okupu was presented prior to the mapping of the heiau that began in April in response to the site visits by the Investigative Subcommittee of  the Hawai`i SHPD and CRC on November 1, 2018, the inspection November 11, 2021, and a site visit on March 17, 2022. The process will take several weeks to complete.

4-1-2022 - LIMU - FOOD OF LIFE

For many of us, the fragrance of limu brings back memories of family get-togethers. In the days of our ancestors, limu, poi, and fish were considered significant components of a nutritionally balanced diet and were part of our food security. It was normal for Kānaka Maoli households to always have limu on hand.



On March 17, 2022 the heiau Hui arranged an inspection visit with the following Hawai`i County and State of Hawai'i historic preservation experts at Keaukukui'ula Heiau:

  • Nicole Mello
  • Sean Naleimaile
  • Hawai'i County Archeologist, Joshua Castilo
  • Matt Clark, Chair of the Investigative Subcommittee on SHPD, County of Hawai'i Cultural Resources Commission

Mr. Clark gave background on the heiau from his previous site visit in November 2021. Among the topics discussed were:

  • The placement of the large sign currently at the top of the mauka stairs - they advised moving it to a place near the base of the stairs.
  • Moving the "Kapu" sign up near the top of the stairs.
  • The Ka'u side neighbor was introduced, providing a chance for the Hui to express to the State and County representatives how much the preservation Hui appreciates the kokua neighbors provide.

Mr. Naleimaile spoke about the heiau structure and shared his observations.

Moving forward, the inspection team urged the Hui to move on the following:

  • Complete and submit the new management plan as soon as possible, in draft form for comments and suggestions;
  • Use photographs to show the progress and changes made since accepting kuleana for the site;
  • Create our own map of the site using a drone photo rather than delay until someone with the technological skill and equipment can assist;
  • Reach out to lineal descendants;
  • Move the large sign to the foot of the mauka slope and create a sign with a QR code;
  • Continue the extraordinary, exemplary work the hui is doing.

Prior to departing, the inspection team declared that the Hui had done thorough and respectful work, and that they would be very happy if other hui would do such a wonderful job with their kuleana!


A world traveler, Dr. Jonathan Cooper from San Diego was especially interested in the history of the heiau as a ritual space and wahi pana. By special request, a tour of the heiau was provided in March. He was accompanied by Hui cochair, Kealani Winter. As we emerge from the COVID pandemic the Hui will return its focus to the preservation and educational efforts of the wahi pana. Be sure to visit this website often for news and cultural information.

Please respect this historic land.. Animals are not allowed on the preservation site.


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