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Kukui leis from Hawaii

Kukui Nut Leis - Quality Kukui Nut Lei Necklaces including Small Kukui Nut Lei Necklace, and Kukui Nut Lei Cleaner
Tired of buying substandard "Hawaiian" products?
Want a quality Hawaiian Product?
Give us a try!

Why do our premium kukui nut lei necklaces cost a little more?

Our kukui nut leis are well-crafted; they are not plastic! Our kukui nut leis are strung on the Big Island of Hawai`i with REAL kukui nuts by our Kukui Lei Kumu (Lei Master). They are not factory assembled elsewhere!

What should you know about our kukui nut lei necklaces?

The kukui lei necklaces are hand strung on the Big Island of Hawai`i. The kukui nut leis use the finest kukui nut materials available in the market. Each kukui lei nut is screened by hand to ensure only the best kukui nuts are used. We hand inspect every kukui nut lei to ensure that there are no kukui hairline cracks. We do not use flimsy satin ribbons or stretch yarn on kukui leis! We use durable, dependable ribbons for longevity. A hand tied knot is between each kukui nut. We make sure the drill hole does not exceed the kukui lei ribbon knot. This prevents damage to the kukui lei nuts. Real Kukui Nuts are not perfect; it is this "imperfection" that makes kukui nut leis so appealing and beautiful.

Compare before you shop for your next kukui nut leis elsewhere. We hope you will agree with us and select our kukui nut lei products over others.

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Genuine Kukui Nut Necklace

Kukui Nut Lei Necklace

Premium Traditional Kukui Nut Lei Necklace - BLACK OR DARK COCOA BROWN #A25 A durable and beautiful traditional kukui nut lei necklace. Hand strung and constructed to last for many, many years. For those who want simplicity and style in a kukui nut lei.

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Kukui nut leis - small nuts

Kukui Nut Lei Necklace

Kukui Nut Iki Lei Necklace - #A25X

When available, smaller kukui nut lei necklaces are offered. Occasionally we are fortunate to have enough kukui "iki" (small kukui nuts) to make this special kukui nut lei necklace. We can hardly keep these kukui nut leis in stock, since they sell quickly. They are similar to the #A25 kukui nut lei except made of smaller kukui nuts. Understated and elegant, for those who prefer a less "chunky" kukui nut lei necklace. Our original!

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Small Kukui Nut Necklace

Koa and Kukui Nut Lei Necklace

Big Island-style Koa and Kukui Nut Lei Necklace #A25BG - Exclusive Design

Our extra special Big Island-Style Black Kukui Nut Lei Necklace is made with real kukui nuts and includes a rare Hawaiian koa wood bead in center. Beautiful, stunning, and very special kukui nut lei!

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Kukui Nut Polish

Kukui Nut Lei Necklace Polishing Cloth

HAIP Kukui Nut Lei Necklace Polishing Cloth and Cleaner

Keep your kukui nut lei necklace and kukui earrings looking like new with our Kukui Nut Cleaning and Polishing Cloth. Restore your kukui nut lei and jewelry instead of discarding them! Get yours today! Cleans most tranish on REAL kukui nuts. (Not recommended for plastic nuts.)

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