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Hawaiian Koa Wood Products MADE IN HAWAII
Koa Bowl | Koa Rice Paddle | Koa Salad Server
Koa Letter Opener | Koa Pastry Server | Koa Hair Sticks/Picks
Koa Wood Lei ....AND MORE!

hawaiian donut earrings

Hawaiian Earrings. Made of Hawaiian Koa Wood. Koa and driftwood Hawaiian earrings are hand crafted on the Big Island of Hawaii.Many styles to choose from.

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koa wood lei

Hawaiian Koa Wood Lei

Made with Hawaiian koa and Made In Hawaii. Beautiful rare koa beads; hand strung. A rare find for those seeking an exclusive all-koa lei.

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koa rice paddle from hawaii

Koa Wood Rice Paddles

Made with Hawaiian koa and comes in assorted grain patterns. Great for the kitchen, BBQ flipper, or where scooping, mixing or stirring is needed. Approx. 9 1/2 in. long

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salad server from hawaii

Koa Wood Large Salad/Universal Servers

Hefty, large server that you can feel your grip. Approx. 13 in. long. Practical and beautiful!

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koa servers

Koa Wood Cake/Pastry Server

For the baker who has "everything." Elegant and practical! Approximately 8 3/4 inches long.

Our Koa wood Pastry (Cake) Server is made with Hawaiian koa wood. The beauty of koa wood is the perfect gift for the kitchen master who has "everything." The koa wood server has an "eye hole" for easy release. Elegant and practical! We maintain the natural color of the koa wood; we do not dye or add any coloring to the koa wood. It is our exclusive HAIP design!

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Hawaiian hair sticks and hair picks

Koa Wood Hair Sticks (Hair Picks)

Hawaiian hair pick sticks have been used since ancient times. Our Hawaiian hair pick sticks are hand made in a FLAT design. The Hawaiian hair sticks can be used by women and men with long hair. Approx. 7 3/4 - 9 in. long, our Hawaiian hair pick sticks do not have sharp and pointed edges that can sometimes accidentally injure your scalp. Hawaiian hair sticks are made from Hawaiian natural woods and are made one at a time. Unlike other hair pick sticks, they are not mass produced, have no dyes or coloring added, and come in traditional stylized shapes. Hawaiian hair sticks are used by women and men with long hair.

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koa wood letter opener from Hawaii

Approx. 9" long. Made from a solid piece of Hawaiian exotic koa wood. No handle or blade parts to worry about falling off, or rusting over time. Gets more beautiful with age. Exclusive HAIP Executive design for firm grip!

Give them as special gifts!

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wine bottle holer

Koa Wood Wine Bottle Holder - Wine Bottle Balance

Made of rare Hawaiian Koa wood.

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koa wood bowls Hawaii

Genuine Hawaiian Koa Wood Bowls

Bowls for home use or display. Made of rare Hawaiian Koa wood. Safe for food handling.

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