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Nahenahe Sweet and Gentle - Daniel Ho CD - Songs of Hawaii - Hawaiian Artists
UPC #791344151328


Nahenahe Sweet and Gentle - UPC#644718001128

Immerse yourself in the warmth of beautiful piano music, caressed by the calming sounds (crashing waves) from the shores of the Hawaiian Islands. Great peaceful piano melodies that entice you away on a musical journey of Hawai`i's beaches!

All music written by Grammy Award Winner Daniel Ho (ASCAP) except Hawai`i Ponoi and Kanaka Wai Wai (John Almeida). Piano, guitar, and precussion (David Ho), Upright, fretless, and six string basses (Dean Taba)

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Nahenahe Sweet and Gentle Tracks: > MP 3 Demo clip

  1. Haleakama Pastorale
  2. Winds Of Napali
  3. A Little Heaven
  4. Evening Sojourn
  5. Mystic Shores
  6. Pikake Aire
  7. Island Shades
  8. Ohia Tree
  9. Maile Breeze
  10. Night Falls
  11. On Hawaiian Time
  12. Here In Paradise

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