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Thinking of relocating to the Big Island? Do you need reliable information on homes, jobs, schools, areas, taxes, etc.?

When the time comes for you to visit our area, please contact us and let us know your plans. We would like to discuss your needs and timing and to introduce you to some great real estate opportunities.

Tel. 808-961-5851
Fax 808-969-1613

Arruda Properties, Ltd. is a company staffed and managed by people born and raised in Hawai`i. We are knowledgeable about local lifestyles and the cultural heritage of Hawai`i. Because of our size we are able to work with you on a personal level. We are able to assist you in every aspect of the business: from finding the property to assistance with financing and management. Our properties range from $2,000.00 and as high as 4.8 million. We consistently produce sales in the millions every year.

When searching for a Real Estate company to serve or represent you, look no farther than ARRUDA PROPERTIES, LTD. where you'll discover HOMES OF DISTINCTION ...and LOTS OF DREAMS.



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